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Are you experiencing difficulties with your Hybrid battery’s charging, low fuel efficiency, dashboard warning lights, or complete failure to start? OUR SOLUTION FOR ALL HYBRID CARS

We offer on-site repair services to identify the issue, clear any fault codes, and provide comprehensive repair by replacing the entire battery pack rather than just the defective modules. With our extensive knowledge, expertise, and specialized tools, we can fully repair, recondition, and revive Hybrid Batteries.

Our Price

Within West MidlandsFree
50 – 75 Miles£20
75 – 100 Miles£30
100 – 150 Miles£50
More than 150 Miles£0.8 per mile

Cheap Mobile installtion Service

Looking for an alternative to expensive towing fees? Look no further!

At our service, we offer a convenient solution by bringing our expertise directly to you. Say goodbye to the hassles of arranging towing and let us drive to your preferred location. Our mobile installation service ensures a seamless experience that caters to your schedule and convenience. Whether you need us to come to your home or workplace, our technicians will be there, ready to assist you.

With our efficient mobile installation service, you can have your new hybrid battery installed hassle-free. Imagine starting your day without worrying about towing arrangements. Our skilled technicians will arrive promptly, allowing you to carry on with your routine. They can seamlessly install your new hybrid battery while you’re at work or even during your lunch break. This means no more time wasted waiting for your vehicle to be repaired elsewhere or disrupting your daily activities. Choose our convenient and efficient mobile installation service and experience the ease of having your hybrid battery replaced without the hassle of towing. 

Mobile installtion Services
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